Howard Hill bows and John Schulz longbows

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Howard Hill bows and John Schulz longbows

Beitrag von Mika » 30.04.2005, 14:49

Howard Hill fiberglass longbows

John Schulz all wood American longbows whats more original Howard Hill longbow before different fiber bows and fiberglass bows. ... ickler.jpg

Both types are close as what HH used but after 1947 he used only fiberglass longbows.

"If you read Schulz's latest book, you will find that Schulz made Howard's bows under his tutelage, and sold them to Howard Hill Archery in the 1950's. John then made all of Howard's personal bows. I would gather that Schulz knows how to make true Howard Hill style bows better than anyone else."

"I know that the early HH Archery bows were made by several bowyers in the 1960's through the 1970's until Craig took over the business in the 1980's. He didn't have the personal instruction from Howard that John Schulz did. Although Craig makes very fine bows today, and they shoot very well."

Here allwood John Schulz "Natural" bow - Yew and Bamboo, no glass.
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Peter O. Stecher
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Beitrag von Peter O. Stecher » 09.07.2005, 13:13

I'm also a Hill/Schulz fan. I got two Schulz "American Longbow" glass faced bows last year. The bows are used and belonged originally to Paul Brunner. He's retired now and was the owner of "Screaming Eagle Archery". I like the bows very - they're works of art in my opinion. I have some pics in my gallery. There are also pics of Howards personal bows in.

I have ordered now a stringfollow glasslaminated "Sunset Hill" longbow by Nate Steen. He stricly follows the tracks of Hill and Schulz. The bows look quite similar to the Schulz naturals.
A short time John Schulz also built glasslaminated stringfollows.
And - the price is very favourable they cost about USD 400.00
I will let you know more when I got this bow, Nate Steen says that Hill stated the stringfollow design is the most forgiving bow to shoot...


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